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Today's Top Questions

QUESTION: What is the difference between an eGift Card Fufillment PIN code and a Retail Reward Link?
It is important to understand the difference between an eGift Card Fufillment PIN and a Retail Reward Link. When a user is first sent to eGift Card Fufillment they should have a sixteen digit PIN. This code would have been sent to them by a business or entity that is sending a reward. eGift Card Fufillment is simply a means to verify and deliver that reward in a safe manner, that helps ensure proper delivery, and superb user security. Upon a successful eGift Card Fufillment confirmation, there will be an email sent to each user with a live Retail Reward Link. This link allows you to print a certificate to be used at the specific retailer selected. Since this link and certificate are live, they should be treated like cash, since each user can only receive one Retail Reward Link per every code they have.


QUESTIONI Confirmed My eGift Card PIN, But Haven't Received My Confirmation Email.
ANSWER: If you have confirmed both your eGift Card PIN and your eGift Card selection, you should receive an email from eGift Card Fulfillment within 30 minutes of your confirmation that will contain full redemption details. The email will be from Please make sure your email is accepting emails from that address, and that you check your SPAM folder. You can have your email automatically re-sent to you by clicking here.

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